Paul Humphrey
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Born and brought up in Reigate in Surrey Paul studied painting at the School of Fine Art at Kingston College of Art, under Lionel Bulmer, the Suffolk painter whose work is now enjoying a welcome revival and Graham Arnold, one of the founding members of the Society of Ruralists which has nurtured a variety of respected and noteworthy painters, not the least of whom is Arnold himself. Paul for many years combined his vocation as a painter with a highly varied and successful career as an illustrator.

These days a lifelong interest in the history of the Mediterranean world, the enduring lure of these magical locations with their rich texture of historical and mythological associations, and the wonderful light, provide endless subject matter in which the themes and characters from the past can still be seen everyday on the beaches and in the towns of the region.

Paul's work blends the traditional values of European landscape painting with a subtle modern colour language well suited to these themes, which are drawn from around the Mediterranean coast and islands as well as from Devon and the South coast of Britain. .The paintings are a personal response to the spirit of these places and people.