Ben Dearnley
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Artist: Ben Dearnley

Entitled: Icarus

Medium: Carrara Marble with Bronze Powder/Resin Inlay design to the Back, on a Black Slate Base

Edition: Unique Piece

Size: 50 x 33 x 22cm

Price: £7,500

This piece is a ground braking work for Ben as he has developed a unique technique to produce the bronze inlay in the back of the work. His intricate detail is all hand carved and the design is one with a message.

The only section of the figure which is complete is the left arm and hand and if we look at the finger it is pointing to the ground. On the back is the depiction of Icarus flying up to the heavens. The work speaks of flying and reaching for the heights but it's more subtle meaning is about keeping grounded and having an eye on the ground too.